Anywhere Anytime

Anywhere Anytime

P3N Wide

P3n is designed to fit in with you anywhere at any time!

Our user friendly interface can be accessed via any web browser within your network whether it be from a desktop computer or mobile devices.


We offer multiple options to best suit your network setup and requirements.

  • High Security Networks: Aimed at offline setups our hardware can sit within your secure network and be accessed by only those that practitioners registered on the P3N system. If you do not wish to use our hardware then all you need is a LAMP stack server for our system to sit on.
  • Network Wide: Using your own network solutions our P3N can be accessed anywhere within your network by officers, Forensic Scene Investigators,  and Forensics Practitioners. VPN options are available to help access the data securely from networks outside your own.
  • Cloud: Secure connections to our own cloud based platform offers secure encrypted data storage which is accessible via the login via any web browser. With 99.9% up time and backups guaranteed you will never need to worry about hardware again.
  • Custom: Contact us to discuss your requirements and custom development which is unique to you.



After working with UK based Police forces we have identified the requirement for the secure offline ability to work within an application version that is stand alone and will update the central server when you are connected back to your network.

This feature is useful for when onsite triaging is taking place within operations and provides the ability to generate secure case notes on the scene and ensure the chain of custody and secure notes are maintained right from the beginning.

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