ISO 17025

ISO 17025

How can P3N help with your ISO acreditation ?

Working with UK law enforcment we have been provided with lots of useful feedback regarding ISO assesments and in turn streamlined our case notes system to become much more than just case notes and assist you in achiving your ISO 17025 standards.

  • Assest Tacking: P3N allows you to register your computers and software builds/versions. This in turn provides many great advantages over anything else we have ever seen.:
    • Track your computer hardware current and out of order. This is recorded against the examinations your carry out within your case note.
    • Record your software version of applications such as Encase, UFED and XRY. But why you may ask? ISO assesors like you to have the ability to track what software versions were used during the examintion. In the event of a bug being discovered later on then you have complete tracability to the potenial effected cases.
  • Auditable Case Notes: P3N Digital Case Notes system provides complete tracability at every stage. From a forensic practioner adding a case notes to a a manager simply viewing. Everything is recorded.
  • Digitally Signed: Once you have completed your case notes you have the ability to to print your case notes and download to PDF. When creating your user accounts you have the ability to add in a digitally scanned signature of your forensic practintioners. This will then automatcally be added to the end of their case notes when they are printed for court appearences etc….
  • Encrypted: P3N case notes database is fully encrypted providing a secure central storage that can not be drectly edited by anyone.
  • Secure Data: Onsite data never leaves your network. Upgrades and data always remain on your site. Should  you experience any hardware issues then simply remove the data storage any insert it int your backup hardwar which is provided as part of our installation service.
  • User Accounts:  Each user is provied with their own unique username and password to the application which provides tracability at every note.
  • Browser Interface Application: Becuase P3N user interface is within a web browser there is no requiement to re-validate your computers every time there is a new feature added to P3N becuase there are no installation changes to the examination machine taking place .

These are just a few of the useful features that will assist your with your ISO acreditation.

If we identify more requiremets then you can be sure they will be added to the next releasse of P3N.

All added features are included within yearly software licesnsing subsciptions.


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